Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion at Tarkett on Women in Engineering Day

June 23 was Women in Engineering Day and provides an excellent opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of female engineers at Tarkett. As a global leader in innovative flooring and sports surface solutions, Tarkett recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion within the engineering field. In this article, we highlight our talented female engineers at Tarkett, showcasing their significant impact on the industry.

Ask for feedback to constantly adapt and improve your understanding of your professional environment and the strengths you can develop. Set limits at work to maintain a balance between personal and professional life and be able to step back at any time.

Tarkett Group Purchasing Director 

Always keep in mind that there are no hard skills that overcome the soft ones.

Priscila SANTOS  
Quality, Health, Safety, and
Environment Manager
Jacareí, Brazil 

Gain respect by delivering on your commitments. Be confident in your ideas and in yourself. More women are needed to help achieving a better, stronger, and more sustainable world.

Sandra BIANCHI  
Group World Class Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Director  

Act bravely towards your goals and do not pay attention to stereotypes. Remember that women are behind some of the most important inventions, so be part of a growing team.

Tamara STAJIĆ 
Production Specialist
Bačka Palanka, Serbia 

Be open to new projects and challenges, each of them is a new opportunity to learn and to be more successful. Knowledge and experience are what matter, not the gender.

Małgorzata BUDZIAK
Quality Manager
Jaslo, Poland  

When you are invited to a meeting in your workplace, it’s because the expectation is that you have something to contribute.  Be confident and empowered to speak up.  We must contribute our perspective and knowledge to ensure overall success. 

Amanda WAKIM   
Improvement Manager
Dalton, US