Low Carbon Solutions

Tarkett propose des solutions bas carbone
Tarkett is committed to reducing its carbon footprint throughout its value chain. Only 9% of our carbon footprint comes from our own operations: the other 91% comes from raw materials, transportation, installation and incineration of our products at the end of their life. We are improving the energy efficiency of our factories and are increasingly using renewable or non-fossil fuels.

Reducing our carbon footprint across our value chain

Reduction by 47% of our GHG emissions1

1(vs. 2019, scope 1 & 2, absolute value in kg of CO2e)


production sites purchase 100% renewable electricity

44 %

of our energy consumption comes from renewable energy.

Why the circular economy is powering our climate journey

Recycling contributes significantly to reducing our carbon footprint. It preserves natural resources, eliminates greenhouse gas emissions linked to the manufacture of raw materials and those linked to the incineration of end-of-life products.

CO2 savings thanks to recycled raw materials

In 2023 the use of 154,000 tons of recycled material avoided approximately 188,000 tons CO2e emissions compared to the use of virgin primary raw materials. This is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of more than 105,000 cars.

Low carbon solutions, a conscious choice for our customers

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Planning a low-carbon future together

Our priority is to reduce our carbon footprint. This requires a deep transformation of our products and our value chain – in close collaboration with our customers. In Europe, the carbon conscious program allows our clients to protect the Amazon rainforest and the carbon sink it constitutes. At the request of our clients, we purchase carbon credits from a UN certified program.

In North America, Tarkett has the broadest portfolio of third-party-verified carbon-neutral flooring in the industry.

Our latest low carbon solutions

iQ Natural: Going further with bio-attributed materials

iQ Natural is part of Tarkett's low carbon solutions

iQ Natural is a new-generation flooring that’s Cradle-to-Cradle® certified and made with bio-attributed materials – with one of the lowest carbon footprint resilient floorings solutions on the market. How does that help?

Linoleum 2.5mm: Carbon negative flooring

Tarkett Linoleum is part of our low carbon solutions

This flooring goes a step further: It has a carbon-negative footprint*. Everything from its materials to its production, transportation and recycling is designed to protect the environment and conserve natural resources.

*Carbon negative means that a product stores more greenhouse gas than it emits during its life cycle.

Empreinte carbone chez Tarkett

Carbon Footprint

The building and construction industry can make a major difference when it comes to climate impact and preservation of resources, as they represent 39% of global GHG emissions (production, transport & incineration) and 60-70% of total waste*. As a leading flooring manufacturer, we have a significant opportunity and responsibility to create change in our industry.


Circular Economy

For many, waste is a source of energy and greenhouse gas emissions. For Tarkett, waste is a precious raw material with very low carbon footprint, because where others see waste, we see opportunities. We are shifting to a circular economy.