General Shareholders’ Meeting

Share capital & voting rights

*Tarkett Participation, acting in concert on all the Tarkett shares not held by Tarkett Participation with Société Investissement Deconinck, Expansion 17 S.C.A., Global Performance 17 S.C.A. and the members of the supervisory board linked to the Deconinck family, have declared on October 25, 2021 holding in total 59 263 596 shares and 59 272 507 voting rights of the Company, representing 90.41% of the share capital and 90.08% of the voting rights of the Company. This includes 163,344 treasury shares (i.e. 0.25% of the share capital) and 84,211 shares held via its Luxembourg subsidiary Tarkett GDL SA, 100% owned (i.e. 0.13% of the share capital).

Information on total number of voting rights and shares

Financial Results

Financial Calendar

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