Our Strategy

In a rapidly changing world, we continuously adapt our business to thrive now and in the future, while making a positive impact for our associates and our customers, the environment and society. We call this Change to Win. We aim to be the global leader in commercial flooring and sports surfaces. We will change the game through the circular economy.

The four pillars of our strategy

Sustainable growth

We are striving to grow faster in commercial end user segments (Healthcare, Education, Workplace, Hospitality, Sports surfaces). We will continue to grow in Residential segments. We are leveraging innovative designs and solutions, competitive pricing and the opportunities of [digital sales].

OneTarkett for our customers

We have always put our customers first. We will continue to place customers at the heart of our work as we seek to respond to their needs with ever greater agility and speed, delivering value through marketing and innovation, striving for operational excellence and ensuring that our circular economy commitment benefits our customers. Simplicity is the essence of our approach.

People and planet

We believe we have a responsibility to fight climate change and reduce our carbon footprint, by offering the most sustainable flooring solutions on the market.
We will inspire our customers and suppliers to join us in our circular economy journey, as we ensure that our products are increasingly made with more recycled materials.
Keeping our people safe is our first priority. Beyond employee wellbeing, we aim to create a diverse, inclusive community, with equal opportunities to learn and progress.

Cost & financial discipline

To ensure we are performing at our best, we constantly improve productivity, review our industrial footprint, and evaluate any under-performing businesses.
We are continuously reviewing our selling, general, and administrative expenses, deleveraging. We will continue to engage in mergers and acquisitions that deliver real commercial benefit and reflect our strategic business and sustainability priorities.

Company Profile

Our 34 industrial sites, 12,000 employees and sales 1.3 million square meters of flooring every day in 100+ countries put us in close contact with customers and suppliers everywhere in the world. We combine the strengths of global strategy with the hands-on expertise of local teams to manufacture and design products and services suited to local customer needs and trends. Entrepreneurship is part of Tarkett’s DNA: continuous flooring innovations and acquisitions have marked our 140-year history. Today we continue to foster an entrepreneurial mindset to leadership, empowering our teams and encouraging agility and accountability in decision-making.


Tarkett Human-Conscious Design®

Tarkett Human-Conscious Design® is our commitment to stand with present and future generations. To create flooring and sports surfaces that are good for people and for the planet. And to do it every day.



Tarkett is a French public limited liability company (Société anonyme) legally structured with a Supervisory Board and a Management Board. Tarkett’s corporate governance processes are directed to ensure uncompromised business ethics, robust and transparent corporate supervision, risk management and regular dialogue with shareholders. Risk identification and risk management actions are among the issues reviewed by the Supervisory Board, the Executive Management Committee and the Audit Committee. Every two years, Tarkett updates its risk mapping and continues to implement action plans, significantly reducing risk exposure. Compliance with regulatory requirements and Tarkett policies is ensured through TRACE (Tarkett Risk And Control Evaluation), a systematic internal control process carried out throughout the company. Identified risk mitigation actions are tracked for completion.