Empathic design

Empathic design is about creating environments that contribute to people’s wellbeing are key for us. This increases for example children’s ability to learn and relieving patients’ illnesses. We strive to contribute to the well-being of the people using our products. To do this, we collaborate with scientists and experts in many fields to refine our understanding of our customers’ needs. This allows us to create products that are suitable for different environments.

Understanding the positive impact of colour

To understand the impact of colour for the development and wellbeing of children in education, we worked with international experts – including colour specialists, designers and educational specialists – to complete a comprehensive colour study. This enabled us to understand the emotional impact of colour on student behaviour, and includes design recommendations from experts from across the world. We’ve used the findings to improve the colours we use for educational settings.

Supporting Alzheimer patients

Working closely with doctors and Alzheimer’s specialists, we have analysed the sensory and psychological impact of flooring on patient quality of life. In this way, we develop patterns, colours and textures designed to create a positive emotional response in patients suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, providing a safe, reassuring environment.

The Virtual Reality Platform enables architects, designers and care managers to immerse themselves within a care home environment to design with residents’ needs and well-being in mind.

Virtual Reality-Empathy Platform is designed to help professionals understand how declining eyesight and cognitive awareness impact perception of colour, contrast, and materials, by showing them the world as it would be perceived with various age-related conditions. This is an asset when it comes to designing floors for dementia-friendly spaces.

David Burgher,
founder of VR-EP, United Kingdom

Slip resistance

In high-traffic settings where safety and slip resistance are critical, we provide safety-enhanced flooring solutions.

Safe sports performance

We are committed to improving performance and safety for athletes by developing the industry’s most advanced artificial turf systems, and continuously explore new ways to reduce the risk and severity of sports injuries.

Indoor air quality

The air we breathe is vital to our health and wellbeing. Yet the concentration of indoor pollutants can be two to five times higher than outdoors. The quality of indoor air is influenced by everything from ambient air pollution and fine dust to volatile organic compounds (VOCs).



The importance of hygiene has come into focus like never before in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, highlighting the vital role of infection prevention and control in preventing infections and antimicrobial resistance, and particularly in healthcare and aged care settings.



Acoustics top the list of priorities for employees.* Quieter environments promote better wellbeing, enhance leisure and hospitality experiences, create a restful environment for aged care and patient recovery. It also improves concentration and productivity within education and the workplace. That’s why good sound absorption and sound insulation are so important. Our ICONIK 280T collection offers […]