Celebrating the local heroes of sport

This year, Tarkett Sports pays a tribute to the achievements of all sports actors – especially the local heroes making sport accessible to all.

Architects, Athletic Directors, Facility Managers…

In big cities and small towns alike, every day they commit their time and energy to creating renovating sports infrastructure.

And it’s a serious workout: standards, safety, budget, maintenance… It takes a lot of energy to make sure everyone gets exactly the pitch they need.

And thanks to them, we all get to play our favorite sports, whether we’re just staying in shape or going for gold, training a final, or for a world record.

Martin scored the hat trick of the year.

Martin is Director of Public Works in a town of around 50,000 inhabitants.
When renovating the local football pitch, he decided to innovate. He bet on a surface material with an natural infill made from corn cobs, and it was a winning move! For the players, it offers better shock absorption.
For the club, it means lower maintenance costs. And for the environment, it’s truly revolutionary.

So yes, Tarkett Sports, a world leader in sports surfaces, is especially proud to be empowering Martin.

Theo is now (almost) world champion.

This year, Theo gave it his all. His club was crowned regional champion for the first time in its history.
So let’s celebrate Theo and his success. And his team, his coach, his club, and everyone in his community that contributed to building and maintaining the sports infrastructure that allows his incredible talent to shine.

So yes, Tarkett Sports, a world leader in sports surfaces is especially proud of every (almost) world champion whose success they’ve contributed to.