Tarkett Collaborates with C’possible

Through our Tarkett Cares program, which focuses on social responsibility, we take concrete steps to make a positive difference in society. In a dynamic collaboration aimed at empowering young students, Tarkett recently partnered with the organization C’possible to organize a half-day event tailored for high school students. The event, designed to offer students a tangible insight into the workings of our company, proved to be an enriching experience for all involved.

Unveiling Realities & Inspiring Futures

The primary objective of the event was to provide participating students with an understanding of our company’s operations and to give them insights into future career possibilities.

Students were welcomed with an in-depth presentation showcasing the general organization and key business areas of our company.

The day continued with: “Live My Life” Workshops. Perhaps the most exciting segment of the day, these workshops offered students the opportunity to step into the shoes of various professionals within our organization. From hands-on experiences to insightful discussions, these sessions provided invaluable insights into diverse career paths and industry nuances.