Tarkett launches “The way to better floors”

Tarkett recycled flooring

The pursuit of ‘always more’ is pushing our limits and threatening our planet. The game must change. We need to find a way to deliver more with less

At Tarkett, we have a long history of commitment and leadership in the field of sustainability.

As floor makers and floor professionals, we have a key role to play.
We have questioned ourselves: what if we could change the ground rules by no longer producing more, more, more but by constantly producing better?
Making floors with less. Doing more with less is our commitment, our mission and our mindset. Less waste, lower emissions, greater well-being, more proof.

Find out more about how we are building the way to better floors, strengthening our leadership in the field of sustainability.

Sustainability plays an integral role in everything we do here at Tarkett,  from the way we design our products, to the raw materials we use and to how we recycle them at the end of their lifecycle. When it comes to creating a more sustainable world, we have a responsibility. Together, we can work to secure our future. By joining forces, we will build a stronger foundation – one we can all stand firmly on, for generations to come.
Together we are building the way to better floors.

Arnaud Marquis,
Chief Sustainability & Innovation Officer