Carpet: adorning a spectacular head office with stylish, high performing carpet tiles

  • Location
    South Africa
  • Product
    Carpet tiles
  • Surface

At Deloitte’s new Africa headquarters, Tarkett’s DESSO carpet tiles were selected to help delineate diverse areas of the building, enhancing the striking, modern design. The colours were carefully chosen to reflect the company’s corporate identity.

Deloitte South Africa wanted to push the boundaries of design and architecture with its new Africa headquarters in Johannesburg. The internal concept reflects the idea of a racetrack, with all six levels connected by bridges, across a central atrium space. The ground floor of the building is open to the public, offering inviting hospitality facilities. Meanwhile, every area of the building features zones with different purposes, from social zones to yoga gardens, games rooms and libraries. To complement this stylish, modern workplace, the designers selected 29,655m² of Desert DESSO carpet tiles in multiple colours, carefully chosen to reflect Deloitte’s corporate identity while helping to delineate the diverse areas of the building. The DESSO tiles met the criteria both for design and technical performance, and are set to last for the long term, an important component of reducing the total cost of maintaining this spectacular building.