Athletic Track: Tarkett Sports delivers high performing track and field installations

  • Location
    United States
  • Product
    Track and field installations
  • Surface area
    7,400m2 field, 110-yard football field, 200-metre banked competition track

Tarkett Sports has athletic track and field installations at two premium educational establishments in the United States. Firstly, it has installed an eight-lane track and 7,400m2 field at the Channel Islands High School in California. The track and field showcase the company’s BSS 300 system, with a unique alternating land colour design and coloured exchange zones.

The field was installed by FieldTurf, using the FieldTurf CORE and CoolPlay system. Tarkett Sports is already an established supplier for the district and well known among local schools. Additionally, the new indoor athletic facility at Washburn University in Kansas, will feature a 110-yard football field and a 200-metre banked competition track. Opened in November 2020, it is the first permanent banked track in the American football league NCAA, Division II. The competition track features Beynon’s BSS 1000 system. The facility will also serve as the new home for the Ichabods team.

Athletic track installed by Tarkett sports
Channel Islands high school – California, USA