Wood: bringing contemporary elegance to Summit House with classic oak flooring

  • Location
    United Kingdom
  • Product
    Wooden flooring

Tarkett’s Noble Oak flooring brought a sense of classic style to London’s Summit House, perfectly complementing the warm, earth-coloured tones of the subtle Scandavian renovation scheme, while helping to promote a calm and refined workplace atmosphere.

When updating London’s elegant Summit House, Swedish design studio, Note, brought a Scandavian aesthhetic and mentality to the interior, also known as Swedish Grace. Importantly, the concept was adapted to the formality of Holborn, known for its law and finance businesses. This modern interpretation design was suitably subtle, complementing the area’s ambiance, while retaining the sense of yielding the space to develop and grow. The design featured an earth-toned colour palette including sienna, ochre and umber, helping to make the décor warm and welcoming. Tarkett support the venture with Noble Oak flooring. This classic parquet pattern helped provided the connecting material between the spaces. Installing wooden floors in the kitchens was a particularly bold choice, but one that has worked well for the overall design and feel. Summit House how exudes a lively, yet dignified and calm energy. The warm, relaxed nature of the décor prompts people tend to talk more quietly when they enter the space, creating a more pleasant working environment.