Vinyl: delivering design flexibility and ease of maintenance for a multi-purpose healthcare facility

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    Luxury vinyl tiles, bio-attributed vinyl

Tarkett delivers nature-inspired flooring solutions to create a welcoming and contemporary environment at the Santé 98 Medical and Paramedical Centre, while providing high resistance to heavy traffic and responding to the facility’s diverse needs.

With infinite design combinations, Tarkett’s iD Inspiration 70 vinyl tiles and boards take interior design to a new level at the Santé 98 Medical and Paramedical Centre in Belgium. Offering everything from dentistry to physiotherapy, medical and paramedical consultations, the centre required flooring solutions providing both ease of maintenance and stylish design. iD Inspiration met both these criteria, with countless combinations of size, design and bevelling options, and 22 designs available in Embossing in Register. Delivering an authentic impression of real wood, it creates a warm, welcoming and contemporary environment. Meanwhile, we also introduced iQ Natural compact PVC flooring, which is ideal for healthcare facilities. This flooring is made of 75% natural materials and is 100% recyclable. Resistant to stress, abrasion and wear, and combining both subdued and upbeat designs, it is the optimum solution for a modern medical centre with diverse requirements.