Education: Howard University combines vintage feel with high performance

  • Location
    United States
  • Product
    Heterogeneous vinyl

Tarkett provided an elegant and highly resistant flooring to complement the design of Howard University’s historic Founders Library, preserving its iconic look and feel, while ensuring a durable, cost-effective solution.

As a symbol of hope and achievement amid the conflict and economic turmoil of the early 20th century, the Founders Library held the promise of equality and dignity for Howard University students. So when it came to renovating the building, the university sought to maintain the rich legacy of the building. Complementing the elegant wooden ceiling and oak-panelled walls, the flooring solution was also selected for its ability to preserve the library’s historic nature, while ensuring the highest level performance. In particular, Tarkett provided Powerbond Cushion, a hybrid resilient sheet flooring presenting a heterogeneous construction of nylon and closed-cell cushion. The cushion and nylon are fused together through heat and pressure, creating a highly resilient floor covering. Closed-cell cushion ensures that seams can be fused, which provides a waterproof barrier. Installation is straightforward and glue-free, helping to enhance indoor air quality within the learning environment.