Workplace: leveraging flooring design to create a modern workplace

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When renovating its offices, a commercial interior designer chose Tarkett's DESSO Cradle to Cradle® certified carpet tiles to create a high impact showcase for customers, while clearing defining spaces and promoting calm and tranquillity in the workplace.

Spacing, a company specialising in commercial interior design, chose Tarkett’s DESSO Cradle to Cradle® certified carpet tile collection for the renovation of its offices. To help create an effective showcase for customers and promote employee wellbeing, Tarkett chose three complementary sets of carpet tiles. Covering a total of 4,150m², this encompassed the subtle, organic design of the Desert collection, infusing a sense of calm and tranquillity within the workplace, together with the tactile, hand-woven Fields collection, promoting a warm and inviting space. We also introduced Fuse Create carpet tiles to bring a strong sense of delineating areas and dividing spaces. Importantly, these collections use recycled materials taken from end-of-life carpet tiles, carefully separated and reintegrated into the production process, while retaining the same high quality and performance.