Linoleum: Tarkett’s linoleum provides the ultimate blend of durability and acoustic performance

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Tarkett linoleum provided optimal durability and acoustic performance for a busy university campus, promoting long-term sustainability and cost savings, while helping to ensure quiet environments for learning. The natural, stylish feel of the flooring also complemented the interior design.

The University of Copenhagen chose Tarkett’s linoleum flooring for one of its major campuses thanks to its durability and acoustic performance, both of which are essential for a dynamic university environment. Our [distributor] installed some 40,000m2 of our linoleum Etrusco flooring at the campus. Made almost entirely from natural, renewable raw materials at our carbon neutral factory in Narni, Italy, this flooring solution is easy to maintain and remains in good condition for many years. Practical and stylish, Tarkett Etrusco is visually appealing and withstands high traffic, while also complementing the university’s existing interior design. Its inherent ability to reduce sound is fundamental for rooms with low noise requirements such as quiet reading areas. Meanwhile, its unique xf2 surface treatment makes the floor easy to maintain and protects against wear, helping to reduce maintenance costs. All in all, it is an ideal solution for institutions planning for long term sustainability.