Tarkett joins leading French firms in signing a declaration to accelerate the ecological transition

On Sunday, 26 November 2023, a collective declaration calling for the acceleration of the ecological transition, was signed by a large number of CEOs of major French companies. 

Published in the well-known French newspaper “La Tribune”, it aimed to send a strong signal around the collective commitment of major companies towards the ecological transition. This actions is unprecedented in terms of the number of signatures.

Alongside 60 other French business leaders, I have agreed to sign this declaration, convinced of the essential role that companies have to play in the ecological transition and in defining a model of society that respects the limits of our planet. As the #COP28 will soon kickoff, it draws our attention to the worrying trajectory of CO2 emissions reduction. I am proud that we have taken strong commitments at Tarkett about climate and circular economy, but also about all the efforts we drive to optimize the use of virgin materials and to recycle our materials

Fabrice Barthélemy, CEO of Tarkett