Tarkett Leads Sustainable Change at ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW, an annual event held in Paris, serves as a significant platform for global change, bringing together 35,000 leaders from various sectors united in their mission to advance sustainability.

At this year’s ChangeNOW, we showcased our dedication to environmental responsibility and societal well-being. Fabrice Barthélemy, Tarkett’s CEO, took part in a panel discussion on “Retrofitting our cities and buildings,” emphasizing Tarkett’s circular initiatives aimed at protecting the environment and enhancing urban living conditions.

Collaboration with Constance Guisset

Tarkett collaborated with acclaimed designer Constance Guisset to present RePlay, an innovative tennis table concept crafted from recycled flooring solutions, showcasing the fusion of sustainability, sport, and design.

Visitors witnessed Tarkett’s Circular Selection materials in action through the RePlay installation, demonstrating our commitment to circularity by repurposing flooring waste into functional products.

At ChangeNOW, we reaffirmed our commitment to driving positive change for the planet and future generations, underscoring our leadership in innovation, collaboration, and sustainability.

Photo credit: Tarkett & Carole Sertillanges, Julien Philippy and Laure Dns for ChangeNOW