Climate & Circular Economy

Standing with present and future generations

Carbon Footprint

The building and construction industry can make a major difference when it comes to climate impact and preservation of resources, as they represent 39% of global GHG emissions (production, transport & incineration) and 60-70% of total waste*. As a leading flooring manufacturer, we have a significant opportunity and responsibility to create change in our industry.


Low Carbon Solutions

Tarkett is committed to reducing its carbon footprint throughout its value chain. 10% of our carbon footprint comes from our own operations. We reduce it by improving the energy efficiency of our factories and by increasing renewable or non-fossil fuels.


Circular Economy

For many, waste is a source of energy and greenhouse gas emissions. For Tarkett, waste is a precious raw material with very low carbon footprint, because where others see waste, we see opportunities. We are shifting to a circular economy.